P.i. Prime

P.i. Prime consists of various modules designed to streamline, automate and intelligently guide your team through the vetting, preparation and presentation process of Professional Services-based business opportunities. 

Each module provides you with the necessary tools to identify your desired candidate and complete the required documentation/ presentation as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Redundant tasks (e.g. formatting resumes, screening, identifying skill sets and gaps, creating qualification reports, creating grids/matrices, references, compiling your proposal, etc.) are automated as much as possible.

Creating and maintaining these documents are now done in a fraction of the time.

P.i. Prime Modules:

  • Resume Builder
  • Presentation Builder
  • Proposal Builder
  • Grid/Matrix Builder
  • Corporate Reference Builder

P.i. Prime Modules are customized for:

 Private sector-based opportunities: 

  • Perm/Contract/Temp Staffing
  • Head Hunting
  • Bench Augmentation
  • Solution Requirements 
  • Etc.

Public sector-based opportunities:

  • SOs - Standing Offers 
  • SAs - Supply Arrangements
  • VORs - Vendor of Records
  • TSPS
  • THS
  • Etc.

Corporate response-based opportunities:

  • Implementation Projects
  • OMNIBUS Contracts
  • VMS/MSP Opportunities
  • Etc.